Clicking on the patient name in a row will bring up the individual patient details with their latest Coronavirus data displayed. To access further functions for this patient, click on the ‘Manage my patient’ drop down menu. 

The patient profile includes the patient’s personal details, their GP details, latest symptoms, latest observations, Coronavirus diagnosis and their clinical service details.

The Patient Profile allows you to view the patient’s Details, Latest Symptoms and Observations.

By selecting ‘Manage my patient’, you will be able to enter data on the patient’s behalf using the data entry button. This is particularly important for patients being managed in a care home/nursing home environment. You will also be provided with the option to export the patient’s data, for example, as they are discharged from the COVID-19 virtual ward. Their exported data summary can then be uploaded to their notes within the GP system.

You can also view reports to understand changes in the patient’s warning score, pulse rate, SaO2, cough, wellness, breathing and temperature. You have the option to send the patient a personal message, view their message history and resend their account activation link. You can also remove a patient from the virtual ward by clicking on the ‘Remove Patient’ tile. The patient will then no longer have access to the platform, unless they have been added with access to one of our long-term condition, self-management platforms for COPD, Diabetes, Heart or Asthma.

‘Manage My Patient‘ menu.

You will see in the ‘Manage my patient’ menu, you have the option to look at the patient’s other dashboards, so if they have a co-morbidity, you can quickly and easily switch between dashboards, to view their data for their diabetes or COPD, for example.