Clicking on a patient brings up their patient profile screen. This screen provides on a single page, the most important data required to manage that patient’s condition. For example, if a patient is using myCOPD, it will show you their inhaled medication, pulmonary function,  vaccination status, smoking status, and more. From the patient profile page, you can click the “Manage my patient” tab.

The “Manage my patient” menu provides the following functions: 

•   Change medication e.g. swap inhalers 

•   Set individual patient targets 

•   Access patient reports e.g. QOL scores, blood pressure, lung function, glucose trends and more. 

•   Change disease and demographic details 

•   Send a message to the individual patient 

•   Set up an appointment 

•   Conduct an annual review 

Each change made by the clinician in the patient profile within the clinical interface automatically updates the content in the patient app.