myAsthma not only delivers to the patient an individualised, comprehensive Asthma education program, it also provides a suite of tools to enable efficient self-management and rehabilitation, at a time and place to suit the patient. This improves patient outcomes and reduces the burden on clinical services.

Using the myAsthma app, the patient’s self-entered condition related data can be utilised during annual reviews, so that you and your patient can review this data over a period of time. This helps both parties establish trends, and shapes discussions around the patient’s care. Using the clinician platform, you can monitor this patient entered information, and contact the patient, through the one way messaging tool, if you wish. You can also use the notification system to prompt all patients in your myAsthma caseload, to book in for their flu jab.

You can also use the Asthma checklist, to determine how the patient has been using the platform, and to guide them towards areas that are currently underutilised. For example, if they have not yet watched their inhaler technique videos or educational course, you can recommend the patient complete this following their review.

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