The Activity Diary tile supports and encourages patients to become more physically active in their day to day lives, benefiting from positive physical and mental health outcomes. Patients are able to record the frequency, intensity, type and time of any activity they undertake. In app activity, such as watching their pulmonary rehabilitation videos, will automatically be entered into the diary. Patients can also record their daily steps in the diary.

The activity diary breaks down into a list view, where patients can see all of their activities for the past 7 days. It also includes a diary view, where patients can view their active days for the month.

To add an activity, patients can click the Add Activity button, and select the activity. Patients will then be asked to enter the duration of the exercise, how far they went (if applicable) and will then be asked to enter their RPE. Once entered, they can view their entry by clicking on it in the 7 day list view, it can also be edited from here too.

Patients can view reports for activities by clicking the Reports button, including a Total Activity Report that shows all the activities they have done for each day.

Clinicians can access a patient’s Activity Diary, by selecting a patient on the ‘Patient Hub’, going to the ‘Clinician dashboard’ Navigate to ‘Manage my patient’. Select ‘Activity Diary’. From here you can view the patients activity by week or month. You can also view a report for each exercises and a combined weekly total, by going to the Reports section.

For more information, please watch the following video: