What do the different colours mean?

The patient dashboard is displayed with an easy to use interface, with tiles split into 5 different colours.

The GREEN tiles are to be used almost every day. These include blood glucose monitoring, a medication diary, a diabetes checklist, targets and daily weather and air quality forecasts.

We recommend the BLUE tiles are used every few weeks. These will offer the user the opportunity to enter details on their HbA1c, cholesterol, lipids, blood pressure, eyes, feet and kidney health. It also includes lifestyle information.

The PINK tiles are educational tiles. This includes the educational course and smoking cessation (if they have selected that they are a smoker).

The ORANGE tiles are for editing the user’s medication, personal information, account preferences and accessing appointments.

The RED tiles are action tiles, which will inform the patient of notifications they may have received. It also provides quick advice to the patient if they are having a hypo.

This video is shown to Type 1 patients
This video is shown to Type 2 patients