Patients are currently being monitored within a number of care homes nationwide. One PCN have taken an approach to managing patients in their area, by setting up each care home with a clinical manager account. The clinical manager account was held by the care home manager, who then added the care home staff and supporting clinical staff with clinician accounts. With all the team sitting under one manager, it enabled multiple staff within the care home the option of viewing the patients most recent Covid-19 related readings. This approach was particularly useful during handovers, as it ensured all staff were able to see the same information. 

The platform is set up to enable patients to be added, even when they do not have an email address. The staff will be able to add patients to the platform on their behalf, under their capacity as caregiver. In this instance, the clinical team member, or care home staff member will be entering the symptoms and observations on behalf of the patient.  

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