The COVID-19 Virtual Ward enables you to safely manage and monitor patients with COVID-19 at home or in a care home – reducing admissions to hospital and enabling social distancing. The system comes with a dedicated technical support service for both the clinical site and the patient and a full logistical service to help with patient and clinician onboarding. 

The COVID-19 Virtual Ward app also integrates with our other condition apps to enable patients to be managed alongside their entire long-term condition pathway. For example, a patient with COPD can optimize their condition while on the virtual ward with our award-winning myCOPD app. 

At its heart, the COVID-19 Virtual Ward app is a simple but powerful app that enables measurement and monitoring of oxygen levels. Using the new COVID-19 nationally recognised scoring system, the app detects early deterioration of patients with COVID-19 in at home, or in a care home. 

Patients most at risk of poor outcomes are best identified by oxygen levels to monitor and identify ‘silent hypoxia’ identifying any rapid patient deterioration at home and signposting them and their teams to appropriate action. 

The app is updated regularly by our clinical team to ensure it is in-line with the latest official coronavirus advice and guidelines from the NHS and the UK governments Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer.