Once you have been added to the platform by your clinical manager, you will automatically receive an email from my mhealth.

You will then need to click the blue ‘Click here to get going’ button within the email to get started. You can then set up a password, and log in. You can use your email address and password to log in on any device.

For users who have multiple my mhealth accounts, you can switch between these accounts from within the app.  If you are a clinician, for example, this allows you to easily switch between different patient lists in your care.   

When you log in, you will be presented with a screen requesting you to select which account you wish to enter. You will then be presented with a screen confirming your choice, and you will then be taken to the selected account.   

If you are a clinician overseeing multiple patient caseloads, and you wish to change the patient list you are viewing, you can select the ‘Switch Account’ tab, and you will be taken to the initial login page, where you can choose from your other patient lists. 

Example Use Case

A GP could be overseeing patients within their surgery, as well as patients from a nursing home. The GP would log in with their details and be presented with an option to select the patient caseload from their surgery or the nursing home. If they select ‘Nursing Home’ for example, they will see their patient list associated with The Nursing Home account only. Likewise, on selecting the surgery account, they will see their patient list associated with The Surgery account only. 

The Switch Account button enables users with multiple accounts to easily switch between them without logging out.