Clicking on the patient name, in the patient list brings up the patient profile page which enables you to view the patient’s individual checklist, medication and COPD metrics at a glance. From this page, you can get access to further features by clicking ‘Manage my patient’.

This includes a data entry tile, which gives you the option to enter data for the patient’s lung function, spirometry, annual review, smoking status, mMRC Dyspnoea Score, flu vaccination, BMI, oxygen, rehabilitation, co-morbidities, exacerbations and escalation.

You can also amend the patient’s details, medication and individual self-management plan, send messages, and view the inhaler technique videos. Reports for the patient’s CAT and symptom scores, medication adherence, medication history, spirometry, FEV1 and FVC are also visible.

If a patient has not received their activation email, you can resend the activation email, or amend the email address if required. Here, patients can be removed too, for example, if they move practice. If the patient is removed from the list then they will still have access to the app, but will no longer show on your list.

If a patient has co-morbidities, you can easily switch between the patient profile for each of their long-term conditions.