When you first log in you will see your COPD patient list. Unlike other systems, myCOPD facilitates the prioritisation of patients most in need by using captured metrics such as symptoms reported or CAT scores.

By selecting the values tab, you are able to see when the patient last logged in, how many exacerbations and hospital admissions they’ve had, both of which are entered by the patient themselves, and their most recent CAT and symptom score.

By selecting the pulmonary rehabilitation tab, you are able to see when the patient started the online pulmonary rehabilitation course, and how many days into completing the course they are. If this says ‘Not entered yet’, this means the patient has not yet started the course. You are also able to see how much of the educational course the patient has completed.

By selecting the checklist tab, you are able to see at a glance, which content has been utilised. The myCOPD patient checklist enables you to view which patients require certain checks to complete their annual review. If the box is green, it means the patient has entered or completed this value. If it is red, it means they have not.