Adding patients to the platform is quick and easy. 

To add a patient, you will need the patient’s name, date of birth, NHS number, email address and the app you wish for them to have access to.

If the patient does not have an email address, they could use the email address of a family member or other trusted individual, providing they have given them permission to do so. 

Once added to the platform, the patient will automatically receive an email from my mhealth, where they will be asked to click the blue ‘Activate account’ button within the email to get started. The patient will then set up a password, and can then log in. The patient can use their email address and password to log in on any device. 

For the best experience, the patient should download the my mhealth app from the Google Play or Apple Store. The patient will need to search for my mhealth and download the app on to their smartphone or tablet. Using the app from the app stores enables other functions not available using a web browser such as access to push notifications, and the ability to connect to blue-tooth devices. If they are using a computer, they can access their login through the following web address – 

On entering the app for the first time, the patient will be asked whether they agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, before progressing. They will then be asked to enter their personal details and medication, before watching a short introductory video. 

There are remote onboarding scripts to support with onboarding patients over the phone. Posters, leaflets and letters are also available, and videos to display in clinics and waiting rooms. Please visit to download these for free.