Pulmonary rehabilitation is an integral part of COPD management, but many patients find it difficult to access, and 2 out of 5 patients are waiting longer than 90 days to enrol onto the program. The current capacity in the system means that only just over 2% of COPD patients complete a program each year.

How does myCOPD improve and augment the current pulmonary rehabilitation model? 

  • Provides access to patients who cannot attend class-based rehabilitation.
  • Supports home-based exercises between standard classes.
  • As a maintenance exercise and education program following completion of the course.
  • Optimises other areas of self-management not supported by current services.

From our experience integrating myCOPD within pulmonary rehab services across the UK, providing patients with a hybrid model, supported by a digital tool, enables services to reach 5-10 times as many patients than previously possible. The platform can be used to offer patients an educational tool once they complete the rehabilitation course, to maintain the progress they have made in face to face classes. It can also be used as an offering to patients who are unable to attend face-to-face classes due to work or travel difficulties, ensuring that parity of care is maintained.