The COPD checklist consists of important checks the patient should complete at least once a year to keep themselves well. Keeping these checks in a single place ensures you are delivering the very best care for the patient regardless of the care setting.

The checklist shows the patient the tasks they need to work through and complete. It then notifies them of any areas that still need completing. This helps highlight to the patient key areas of their care, that they need to engage with. If for example, they are due an annual review, or their inhaler gets updated, the related task on the checklist will turn back to red, to prompt the patient to book their annual review, or watch their new inhaler technique video.

Using the checklist has been shown to reduce the time it takes to deliver the annual review.

The checklist for COPD includes:

  • Inhaler videos: Has the patient watched their inhaler videos
  • Flu Vaccine, Lung Function, Oxygen saturation, MRC, CAT, Smoking cessation, Annual Review: Have they had this in the last 12 months
  • Completed the education course in the last 12 months