myCOPD has a full 6-week rehabilitation program. Developed with leading rehabilitation experts, our myCOPD PR program has been shown in a randomised controlled trial against standard class-based programs, to offer the same outcomes in improving 6-minute walk test and CAT scores.

When first beginning the PR program, patients will be taken through a series of videos, introducing them to the course, guiding them through what to expect, how to prepare for the course, when not to exercise and how to carry out the exercises. Once they have started the PR program, they will have to complete week 1 before they can progress to week 2, ensuring they pace their way through the program. Once completed, they can then access any of the videos they wish.

How does myCOPD improve and augment the current pulmonary rehabilitation model?

  • Provides access to patients who cannot attend class-based rehabilitation.
  • Supports home-based exercises between standard classes.
  • As a maintenance exercise and education program following completion of the course.
  • Optimises other areas of self-management not supported by current services.

From our experience integrating myCOPD within pulmonary rehab services across the UK, providing patients with a hybrid model, supported by a digital tool, enables services to reach 5-10 times as many patients than previously possible.

Patients are shown this video before they they begin pulmonary rehabilitation in the app