When you first log in to myDiabetes you will see your diabetes patient list. This diabetes list enables you to view the latest results from your patients and prioritise those most at need. For example, target patients with the highest HbA1c and BMI.

By selecting the checklist tab, you are able to see at a glance, which patients are engaged with the platform, and which content has been utilised. The patient checklist shows you which patients are under your care, who need a particular diabetes check, and when. This helps you prioritise your resources accordingly. For example, target patients who require smoking cessation advice or a foot check, instantly. If the checklist box is green, it means the patient has entered or completed this value, or they are within their target. If it is red, it means they have not, or are outside their target.

The values tab will give you oversight into the patient’s most recent HbA1c, cholesterol, BMI, Blood Pressure, Creatinine and uACR values, their progress through the educational course and whether they have watched their smoking cessation videos.