It is important to prepare the body physically for surgery to reduce the risk of complications and improve outcomes.  This is covered in the following sections:

Breathing exercises

  • Education on why breathing exercises are so important when preparing for surgery, and post surgery too
  • Education on how to perform the techniques
  • Practical run through of the breathing technique


  • Education on why physical activity is important and the benefits it can achieve both physically and mentally
  • A comprehensive safety gated and graduated prehabilitation exercise programme, catering for a wide range of physical abilities

Smoke free – presented if the patient is still smoking

  • Education – why it’s important to stop smoking
  • Urge Surfing – mindfulness-based technique

Alcohol – presented if the patient consumes alcohol

  • Education
  • Urge Surfing

Manage other medical conditions

  • Overview video on how to manage common medical conditions
  • Ability to navigate to any of the other my mhealth apps which the user may have access to (myHeart, myAsthma, myCOPD, myDiabetes)

Create a body goal

  • Link back to the goals section