When you register a patient, they will receive an activation email from my mhealth.  There is a link in the email to activate their account. 

We encourage you to recommend your patients activate their account within 48 hours.  There is no time limit on this email, but it is an effective call to action that has been shown to increase activation rates!

The patient clicks the link and is asked to set a password.  Their email address and this password will be how they log on to the app each time they use it. 

Once they have set their password, they will be presented with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to review and accept, before they proceed.  If you want to familiarise yourself with these policies, you can find more information on our website www.mymhealth.com

On the first time using the app, the users will be presented with a short introductory video, providing an overview of the app. 

Users will then be asked to complete a series of validated assessments to ensure that the app is tailored for them.  These include:

  • The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI)
  • The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)
  • Alcohol Audit
  • Nutritional Screening

They will also be asked to set their goals.

Once they have completed these tasks they will be ready to use the app day to day.