Video Guides

Watch video guides for the my mhealth platform and become an expert at using myCOPD, myDiabetes, myHeart, myAsthma and COVID-19 Virtual Ward.

How to use the clinical platform »

A guided tour of the different dashboards and detailed video tutorials for patient management, including adding and removing patients and sending notifications.

8 videos

How to use myCOPD »

Video guides on all the main features of the myCOPD patient app, including the medication diary, COPD Assessment Test, Pulmonary Rehab and inhaler videos.

10 videos

How to use myHeart »

Get the most out of myHeart with these video how-to guides. Covering everything from cardiac rehab to cholesterol, and ECGs to ECHOs.

15 videos

How to use COVID-19 Virtual Ward »

Get the most out of the COVID-19 Virtual Ward with these video introductions and guide to adding patients to the platform.

3 videos

HAYA Oncology Treatment (lung) »

Learn more about the HAYA Oncology Treatment (lung) Patient and Clinician App with these informative videos.

3 videos

How to use myDiabetes »

Watch video guides to learn how to use myDiabetes, including tools such as kidney health, medication diary, dealing with hypo and recording blood glucose. 

15 videos

How to use myAsthma »

With 17 videos guides, our myAsthma series covers everything. Including asthma attacks, pollen forecasts, action pans and inhaler usage.

17 videos

How to use Turbu+ »

Learn how to use the Turbu+ device by following the step-by-step video guides on how to set-up your Turbu+ device and more!

3 videos

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