The patient dashboard is displayed in simple interface, with tiles split into 5 different colours. 

The GREEN tiles are to be used almost every day. These include symptom monitoring and observation entry, for example tiredness, pins and needles, pulse, temperature and blood pressure 

We recommend the BLUE tiles are used every few weeks. These tiles will support the patient to review how they are getting on and monitor their symptoms and observations 

The PINK tile is the educational tile. The educational course consists of 18 concise, accessible articles relating to key elements in the patient’s management 

The ORANGE tiles are for editing the user’s personal information, account preferences and accessing communications and appointments. Here you can receive messages from a clinical team, chat (2-way) with them and manage and attend consultations through the video consultation functions 

The RED tiles are action tiles providing essential information, such as the Alert Card, or indicating the new notifications have been received that need to be read. When a new notification is received by the user, the Notification tile will appear in the top left-hand corner of the interface